September 16, 2012

Attn: knitting thief!

(Oh, the things that you forget about life in the city!)

 Here in Sutton, I have been carrying around my workbasket (with DPNs sticking out in all directions like a crazy tame porcupine!) since last year - since the Cho7 - tournoi fundraiser I did for Elliot's hockey. Knitting at the arena. Knitting at the baseball field. Knitting on Principale for WorldWide Knit in Public Day. Crazy, weird, always-knitting-in-public mama. 

If ever I forgot my workbasket in town, in the library or on a bench, I am confident that somebody in Sutton would recognize it & bring it up to the house to drop it off. "Oh, Kelli must have left this here while she was renewing her books/watching Elliot in the sk8park/buying some more tea," they would say. "I'm sure she's missing it terribly. I'll just pop on up the road and leave it on her steps."

This weekend, I spent an evening and a night in Montreal, and woke up early on Sunday to go for a run before taking the bus back home. I settled for breakfast and coffee in a chain resto. (not much in the way of choices in the Berri-Emile-Gamelin-BANQ area, unfortunately...) and while I was getting a refill of my (terrible and v. probably not organic or fair-trade or shade-grown) coffee, A FELLOW MADE OFF WITH MY WORKBASKET!!!! A SHIFTY CHARACTER IF THERE EVER WAS ONE!!!!

I of course abandoned my place in line and started running after the knitting thief

Who seemed a little bit simple

And answered my cries of "Mon tricoooooottttt...." with a sheepish look - he set the basket down on the sidewalk and walked away.


  1. so you managed to get it back???

    what an awful story!!!!!
    arghh! gégueulasse! un vol de panier de tricot! merde...
    c'est fou.

    ça fait bien apprécier notre petit village!

  2. Yes, so happy there was a happy ending. Et aussi que je n'avais pas posé mon iPhone ou mon portefeuille dans le panier (comme je fais à Sutton!)

    Est-ce que je t'avais raconté la fois ou quelqu'un (ou quelque chose) a volé mon tricot à Knowlton? True story. (Aussi une chaussette en cours. Une pie voleuse?)

    I seem to be cursed!

  3. My god! Je me sens soulagée de ne pas être inutilement paranoïaque quand je tricote en ville! À chaque fois que je tricote dans des lieux publics à Montréal, je garde toujours un oeil un peu nerveux sur mon sac... des amies m'ont dit que je m'en faisais pour rien, que personne ne volera un sac de tricot. Mais apparement, j'ai raison, HA! ;)