August 10, 2016

County Fair Knitting

Ça doit faire 3 ans que je n'ai pas été à la Foire, l'expo qu'on a dans le sleepy country town de Brome. Mais le weekend dernier, je me suis donné un petit go and I've registered my knitting in 4 or 5 categories. I may not be able to get them all done:: lol you'd think that i had quite a bit of time to prepare:: And this year, I'm thinking especially of a Danish lady, a friend (who I got to know at the print shop last year), a talented crafter in the very best sense, a thoughtful, kind person who was able to do wonderful things with her hands. quilting, knitting, the very first time i met her she was wearing some mittens she had knit up using some of her malamute's fur. lovely mitts, lovely lady. Cet hiver mon amie a eu un terrible accident d'auto sur les Farnham Flats... Ça fait longtemps que je n'ai pas eu de ses nouvelles, avec le demenagement à Granby... but the last news I had was awful, just heartbreaking for my friend and her family. Each stitch I'm doing, I'm thinking of them. Puis on verra, mais j'aimerais y aller avec les enfants cette année. One of my best memories was the year they had the Ferris wheel. And also seeing the kids from the school, how they've grown and grown...

August 2, 2016

Aout 2016

Beginning of August, writing this post from Granby mais je sens encore la fibre de SuttonKnittes, même si je ne me manifeste pas très souvent! Collection de cho7 depuis la Journée Int'l de Tricot en Public:
La paire très très 'Monstery,' vert et jaune, en bas, sont pour une certaine rouquine de ma connaissance. A lucky red-headed lady has won the earthy pair on the bottom, in a fundraising draw...